Facebook Updates in Your Email

TheFriendMail provides fast and convenient access to Facebook directly from your email inbox.

You can create email alerts to automatically receive your news feed and get much better email notifications for Facebook. You can also "like", comment, and use other Facebook features just by sending email. Some things I've noticed:

  • Facebook is a lot less noisy than Twitter! It really helps to have TheFriendMail automatically send my news feed. I receive every 20 posts and usually get 2-4 emails a day.
  • I no longer need the app that auto-posts all of my tweets to Facebook. My friends didn't like that anyway :-)
  • It's effective to share links on Facebook because Facebook will show a thumbnail and description for the link. TheFriendMail will create the wall post correctly (unlike the Twitter-to-Facebook app).
  • I tend to get more comments when I post stuff on Facebook. I've actually become a lot more active on Facebook thanks to TheFriendMail.
Click this link to visit http://thefriendmail.com and learn about this accessible way to receive updates from Facebook!


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