Protecting Your Dog Guide's Pawz

From the AccessContent Blog:

Since the cold weather has finally hit us, my concern has turned to the well-being of my trusty furry companion's little paws. Imagine walking bare foot in this cold? Yes, I know, they're paws are equipped for such things, but I'm more concerned about the amount of salt and cold water they have to walk through. I've done the booties thing; an expensive endeavor, especially since my guy tends to lose a boot per walk. I've also done the Invisible boots option; a viscous jelly-like wax-based product. Works pretty well, but he still jumps around when encountering salt and puddles.  

In comes a simple, yet effective product called Pawz, spelled with a z. These are booties that are essentially like oversized balloons. Here's how they work. No, you don't blow them up. Simply find the correct size for your pooch, slide them on and the top portion of the bootie will cling snuggly to the paw. Somebody was thinking when they designed these little wonders. You get 12 booties in one pack. They're environmentally friendly, disposable and will work in various conditions; especially cold weather and salt.

For more information on the Pawz booties, visit Make sure to visit the size chart before purchasing the boot as they should conform to the doggie's foot. It's a good idea to also visit the store locator as not all stores carry these booties yet.

Happy doggie walking!


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