Blind photographer can 'hear' a good photograph

River Alandra blind photographer Hertfordshire

River Alandra has been completely blind most of her life but refuses to let it stop her from pursuing her hobby.

Her sense of hearing is so acute she can ‘see’ wildlife by listening to the sound of a swan moving through water or a bird flapping its wings.

‘I use my cane to measure distances so that I can focus correctly,’ said Ms Alandra, 47, who is accompanied by her black labrador guide dog Dallas.

‘It does take me a lot of work to get a good photo but I never alter them digitally. I dream about capturing a dragonfly on camera but it’s nearly impossible for me because they are so fast.’

Ms Alandra, who is studying for a masters degree in conservation, took up photography in 2006.

Blind nature photographer River Alandra’s exhibition In bloom: One of the photographs in River Alandra’s exhibition (Picture: SWNS)

She uses a Panasonic Lumix FZ100 which she has modified with braille dials.

Her friends have selected 14 of her pictures for the exhibition in her home town of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

‘It’s not really the best hobby for a blind person,’ concedes Ms Alandra, who lost her sight at the age of six after getting bleach in her eyes in an accident at home.

‘But I love the challenge and it really tests my patience and tenacity.’

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