MOLinsight: A Web Portal for the Processing of Molecular Structures by Blind Students

The MOLinsight web portal is a gateway to open-source software as well as software freely accessible to students that can be integrated in strategies for blind users to process chemical structures. Here you can find documentation for available programs  and a guide to decide about the tools for specific tasks.

Software found on the site includes:

  • NavMol
  • BrailChem
  • Marvin
  • OpenBabel
  • Molecular editors for non-blind users 

"How to do common task" articles include:

  • Guidelines to interpret a molecular structure
  • Guidelines to build a molecular structure
  • Verify if two chemical structures in different file formats are the same
  • Get information about general properties of a molecule (e.g. molecular weight, exact mass, number of atoms, estimated logP)
  • Interpret the stereochemical features of a molecule
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