That's a Big, Big Tweet

Is a tweet which is longer than 140 characters a tweet? Or is anything longer than that a regular message? Or (to look at it from another angle), is anything that you send out through Twitter a tweet regardless of its length? We could talk about it for hours, discuss it, fuss over it and it would all be quite pointless for the simple reason that it would all be a theoretical conversation. More pragmatic people will simply tell us that the length of the message matters little, what really matters is the fact that people are communicating.

Big Big Tweet is a service that will be interesting to people on either side of that discussion. What it does is to break long messages into smaller tweets and have them published in reverse order. So, purists will like it because it lets them tweet without deviating from the concept. And the ones who just want to get things said will also find it useful because, well, it lets them type whatever they want to convey and have it posted online in a format everybody can read. Hey, leave the theories at home.

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