APH Talking PC Maps Software

APH Talking PC Maps Software provides spoken and on-screen map data and 12 million points of interest for U.S. states, territories, and Canada on one flash drive. It speaks on any Windows® computer, whether or not the computer has screen reading software installed. APH Talking Maps is a joint venture of APH and the Sendero Group LLC.

This software does not give information about a user's actual physical location; it is not a GPS system. Instead, it provides a verbal description of physical space and what it contains. It gives persons with visual impairments the same information available to sighted persons through incidental learning when they look at maps, street signs, and signage on buildings.

This software helps your student:

  • Virtually explore streets and learn their layout by moving to the next intersection or by making left or right turns
  • Set a destination and track the distance and compass heading to that destination
  • Save, reverse, review, and print or emboss pedestrian or vehicle routes
  • Track the side of the street you are virtually walking on, and make realistic decisions about turns and street crossings required to navigate to a destination
  • Record or type descriptive information about a particular intersection, parking lot, building, or other location; and attach that information so that your student can access it when he/she explores the map
Example Uses of APH Talking PC Maps software:
  • O&M Learning Tool:
    Learn a new part of town:
    your O&M student can learn about the part of town to which his family will be moving. He can locate his new address; virtually travel along new streets; and learn about cross streets and intersection shapes. He can create a pedestrian or vehicular route from his new home to school (or anywhere else that he wants to travel); explore the route on-screen; and print or emboss it for use when actually traveling.
  • Classroom Map Study Tool:
    Explore Washington, DC:
    your sixth grade student can be included in the classroom's virtual tour of Washington DC. While other students are looking at street maps annotated with government building names, your student can virtually explore the nation's capital. She simply sets her position to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and virtually walks the blocks intersecting with Jackson Place, hearing where the Lincoln Memorial is located, and even finding out that the Senate private dining room is 1.74 miles East.
  • Incidental Environmental Learning and Location Literacy Tool:
    Locate a business for occupational interviews:
    your eleventh grade rehabilitation consumer can locate and interview members of ten occupations with which he is not familiar. After setting an address in the heart of the business district, he can virtually examine points of interest in categories and subcategories; locate types of businesses, services, or other facilities; find the phone number to use when making a personal contact with a member of an occupation; and even produce a route from school -- all with a few keystrokes.

APH Talking PC Maps software, along with a User's Guide, is delivered on a USB flash drive. Technology-savvy students and adults can use this software with little assistance. Other students may need some instruction in its use.

Catalog Number: 1-04105-00
Click this link to purchase APH Talking PC Maps Software.

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