Dog Guides Are Not for Everyone

by Donna J. Jodhan

Here is the truth about guide dogs; they are not for everyone and not every blind person is suited to have a guide dog. I myself love dogs but a guide dog is not for me. Why you may ask? Because in order to have a guide dog, you need to put your trust completely in the dog and for me this is extremely difficult. Some dogs make wonderful guides but there are others that do not. Not every guide dog turns out to be a good guide; and not every blind person who seeks to have a guide dog is a suitable candidate.

In a mainstream world, the relationship between a dog and their owner is extremely crucial and in a world of a blind person it is even more so. Both dog and owner need to trust and like each other. It's all about team work. There are several guide dog schools scattered across North America and there are many in England and across Europe as well.

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Florencel said…
Did you have a guide dog before? Trust between user and guide dog is a learned process. You can't decide in the beginning that you will or cannot trust the dog. It helps to be open-minded.

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