Fashion forecast

by Kiesha Meikle

Oh the fickle world of fashion. Once again the season is changing and with it the trends. Have you been keeping up?

Well don’t panic if you haven’t, because if you have your own personal style then that’s ok - following trends can simply be a way of finding new elements to add to your look. However, if you are keen to stay at the forefront of fashion then be warned, as timing is everything. Did you know that wearing a new trend too soon is just as bad, if not worse, than wearing something considered passé? I made that mistake at London Fashion Week… nuff said.

I thought I would give you a heads up so you are prepared for Spring/ Summer 2011, and not a minute before. If you have a carer, family or friend shopping for you just pass this on, that way you can blame them if you are arrested by the fashion police!


Key elements: Tassels, feathers, crochet, macramé and appliqué, shift dresses, plaiting, weaving and knotting.

Top tip: This is not a trend to be overdone, especially if you are more of a curvaceous body shape as the varying textures of this look can add serious bulk (especially the feathers!). Don’t go overboard with this one as you don’t want to look as if you have knitted your old doilies together – think handmade rather than DIY! A cool tassel bag or nifty scarf or accessory to wear with your old faithfuls is all you need.


Key elements: Animal prints and shapes of all kinds on everything including satin dresses and tops. Accessories shaped as animals.

Top tip: Again, go easy with this one, as dressing head to toe in any print or colour is risky; add an animal print to the mix and you are asking for trouble. However this is a fun look and if you dilute it too much you could miss the point. Veer on the wild side by grabbing yourself an animal shaped bag and wearing it with that leopard print coat/accessory/skirt/top/shoe/scarf lurking in the back of your wardrobe.


Key elements: Strong shades of orange or tangerine.

Top tip: Bolder shades are key to carrying off this zesty look. Get yourself an orange top or jacket and wear this as an accent colour, coupled with a deep colour on the bottom (but not brown!). This will do amazing things to your silhouette, making you look slimmer especially if you have a pear shape. For those who love to tan, tangerine is always best on golden skin so slap on the fake bake.


Key Elements: Blue jewel tones especially on draped or flowing dresses in satin and silk.

Top tip: This is a great for most occasions and easy to pull off, just get yourself some very blue denim or flares if you want to be bang on trend. Find a shade (you can find out more about colour on that suits your skin tone and stick with it, however try to go for bolder blues rather than pastel shades. Stronger blue tones look great on most people from blonde hair to black skin - find a blue that will help you sparkle.

Kiesha Meikle offers fashion and beauty advice for blind and partially sighted women. She works as a communications officer at Action for Blind People. Kiesha also works as a lifestyle journalist and launched StyleAble as an online fashion and beauty resource for blind and partially sighted women (and hopefully men in the future).


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