One More Look at The Adventures of Abby Diamond

by Kristie Smith-Armand, M.Ed, CTVI

Abby and the gang go to the beach and find more mysteries than they ever counted on.

“Another Holiday”

We were on a break from school when I got a call from Alison.

“Hey, Abby,” Alison said. “Got any plans for the next few days?” Man, I loved when I heard these words from my friend. You see, Kaitlyn, Alison’s mother, had sent us on some really cool trips like to Hawaii and Charleston, South Carolina.

“No,” I blurted too quick. “Are we going somewhere?” Alison began laughing.

“Abby, you can always make me laugh and the answer to your question is yes although we won’t be traveling very far.”

“Yea, I knew it!” I squealed. “Where are we going this year?” I asked. You see another great thing about traveling with a rich movie star was that she would foot the bill regardless of where we were going.

“Well, Kaitlyn’s movie premiere is in Houston Saturday night, so since we are off this week, she said that we could go with her. We’ll drive and take our time, she said. You and the gang will need to bring a swimsuit, dressy clothes for the movie premiere and then casual clothes. Guess what? Kaitlyn is paying for Jaxson and Glen to go, too.”

“You’re kidding!” I laughed. “Why those two bush leagues?” I said. “Bush leagues?” Alison questioned.

“Yeah, Neils taught me that term. It means someone who is below average.” I teased. “No, really, Alison, I am glad that Jaxson and Glen are going. They are really cool guys.”

“Kaitlyn met the boys at one of our dances. They stood there and stared at her the whole night. Glen actually came up with his own words instead of mocking everything Jaxson said. He said she was the most beautiful ‘thing’ he had ever seen.” We both laughed really hard.

So,” Alison continued. “Kaitlyn owns this really large beach house, so we will have our own rooms and the boys will have theirs. Guess who use to live there… are you ready for this, Abby?”

“Who?” I anticipated.

“Sandra Bullock. It was her old beach house in Galveston.” Alison squealed. “My mom and Sandra have been great friends since they both worked on a movie after Sandra’s movie, The Proposal.” Alison said. “My mom bought it from her after she was filming in Houston.”

I couldn’t believe it, but another great trip with my pals was on its way as well as an interesting new character that the gang and I would meet.

A few hours later, Neils, Andrea and I were on a three-way call.

"Abby, I am taking my black dress with ruffles. It’s short and today I bought a really cool necklace to go with it,” Andrea giggled.

“Guys, I am so excited, too. I am taking my hot pink dress that has really cute colorful circles all over it, and it has a purse that matches,” I said.

“I’m taking my jeans,” Neils joked or at least I hoped that she was joking.

The next day it was time to leave. My mom took Andrea, Neils, Alison and me over to Audie and Kaitlyn’s to wait on Kaitlyn.

“Bye Mom,” I yelled when I closed the door. “Bye Mrs. D. and thank you,” screamed Neils and Andrea. After Audie greeted us we walked into Alison’s room and waited on the movie star.

“Alison, your room is really cute,” Andrea said. “I love how it is decorated in vintage pink and black like the 50’s. Hey, and you even have an old vintage phone just like the ones from the 50’s. Cool.”

“Well, it’s small, but I like it ‘cuz it’s cozy and it’s mine,” Alison grinned.

Just then we heard a really loud knock. “Hey, Hey, anybody home?” Yep, it was our favorite classmate, Jaxson. We laughed when we heard Glen mock Jaxson’s every word.

“Come on in, Jaxson,” Alison screamed. Audie had gone into the backyard and didn’t hear the two pounding away like it was a matter of life and death. I laughed when I heard a sack rattle with all kinds of snacks inside.

“Jaxson, what all did you pack?” asked Neils. “You brought the whole grocery store with you,” she laughed.

“Hey, I am growing and I don’t want to be starving ‘cuz I get grumpy if I ain’t eating,” Jaxson stated.

“Well, you are for sure growing,” Neils teased. We then heard another door and sure enough it was our movie star ready to take us on another adventure.

“Sticky Fingers”

Kaitlyn never disappoints with her pampering others on a trip, and she didn’t disappoint us this time either. She rented a huge SUV equipped with everything imaginable like DVD players, a refrigerator and music with earphones that come from the seats. She laughed at us as we were ‘ooohing and ahhhing’. Kaitlyn really seemed to get a kick out of Jaxson and Glen. I guess it’s because they didn’t put on any airs about her being so rich, famous and beautiful.

“Man, your hair smells good,” Glen said aloud. Jaxson trying to help him not seem like a total nerd said, “Geez, keep your thoughts to yourself. You embarrass me.” Kaitlyn really began laughing during this scene.

“Well, Jaxson you’re embarrassing me eating peanut butter and jelly in this nice ride. Man, your fingers are sticky and so is your DVD case.”

We continued driving down highway 45 on our way to Houston and then on to Galveston when Neils piped up.

“Hey, Guys. Look up ahead. There’s a prison museum. Cool. Can we go, Kaitlyn?” Neils asked. Neils was always into anything that involved law enforcement. She watched every police show that was on cable television. For some reason, Kaitlyn hesitated which was not like her when it came to kids having fun.

“Well, I don’t know if we have enough time,” she stammered.

“Can we go if we hurry?” sputtered Jaxson.

“Sure, let’s go in as long as we go quickly,” Kaitlyn said louder than normal.

We walked into the museum and waited for Kaitlyn to pay.

“Abby,” Andrea whispered to me. “I don’t think Kaitlyn wanted to come here. I feel bad about this.”

“Me, too, Andrea. I don’t know why the other kids kept pushing her into doing this. I mean, what big-time movie star wants to visit a prison museum?” I asked.

I have to admit the museum was fascinating. It showed old prisoners’ pictures, uniforms and weapons that they used to try and break out of jail. We watched a video on the prison systems in Texas and then got to take pictures of all of us in a real jail cell. Jaxson jumped up on the top bunk.

“Man, I ain’t never going to jail,” Jaxson moaned. “You have to sleep on this old burlap mattress and use the commode in front of everybody.”

“Commode?” Neils asked. “Jaxson, my grandpa says ‘commode’. No one under 60 years says, ‘commode’, we say, ‘toilet’.

“Whatever,” he muttered. “Hey, Guys, look at that chair over there. The orange one with wires all over it. Man, I promise you, I ain’t never going to get close to committing no crime, and have to see ‘Old Sparky’ up close.”

“You just committed a crime by murdering the King’s English,” laughed Andrea and Neils. We were all walking through a line of glass-in objects from past prisoners when Alison yelled out.

"Oh, my gosh. Look here. Here’s a picture of two gangsters from Texas, Bonnie and Clyde. They robbed so many people, but it doesn’t look like they got away with it,” Alison said.

There was a model of the prison rodeo that some of the prisoners rode in, and uniforms that the prisoners wear. We continued to walk around the museum when I heard Glen say, “Hey, Alison. This prisoner has the same last name as your mom.” Kaitlyn spoke up quickly, too quickly if you ask me, “Oh, Glen that man’s name is Joe Summers. That is a very common name. Try to ‘google’ the name Joe Summers and see how many hits you get.” I could hear her breathing speed up. Glen continued talking.

“Hey he was arrested fourteen times for robbing banks. Wow. It says from 1970-1990, ‘Sticky Fingers, Joe’ robbed over seventy-five banks. If you keep, reading,” Glen continued, “You’ll see that even though he did some really bad things, he has turned his life around.”

Kaitlyn interrupted, “Well, I think I ‘ve seen enough of the museum. Are you guys ready to leave?”

“Yes,” we all agreed. It was really an interesting place, but I could hear in her tone that we better get a-move-on and hit the road.

As we were traveling down the highway, Kaitlyn’s mood seemed to lighten.

“How would you all like to go to the Arts Fest in downtown Houston,” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered for all. “I love to go to Art Fest. They have all kinds of fun stuff to do. Artists bring all of their creative creations and there’s plenty of food to eat.” We drove to the Art Fest and had the best time. Neils and Andrea did sighted guide with me. That’s where I fold my cane up and am guided by another person by holding on to their elbow.

“Look over here,” Alison screamed. “Friendship chains. We can have all of our names engraved on the chain. Mom said that she would buy one for all of us.”

“Cool, Alison, but Glen and I want ‘Born to be Wild’ on ours.”

“Yep, we sure do. Right, Bro?” Glen the parrot echoed.

Kaitlyn bought us all the friendship chains, food, drinks, ice cream and anything else that our little hearts desired. If Jaxson and Glen didn’t stop eating so much, Kaitlyn was going to have to do three more movies just to pay for their food.

“Abby, feel of this,” Neils said. “They engraved your name in Braille on all of our chain bracelets. In purple it says, ‘Neils’, in pink it is written, ‘Alison’, and in blue it says, ‘Andrea’. Your name is engraved right here. Man this is the greatest gift ever.” I agreed with Neils, and we all put on our bracelets while laughing at Jaxson and Glen singing the song, “Born to be Wild.” Kaitlyn really got a kick out of these two goofballs.


After we left Houston, we drove straight to Galveston. Nan and Pop had taken Neils, Andrea, Alison and me last year. I know it sounds a little bit like fiction, but we met a kid named Campbell who was looking for a treasure from his ancestor, John Lafitte, the pirate. We found the treasure after following a series of clues, and were able to return the treasure back to him and his family. I always have fun in Galveston. I love that place. I love the beach, the sand and of course, the sea food.

We pulled up to the house and I heard Jaxson and Glen going crazy, “Oh, my gosh. This is the biggest freaking house that I have ever seen!” Jaxson yelled, and he wasn’t kidding either.

The beach house named, ‘Paradox’, after the two doctors that once owned it before Sandra Bullock and Kaitlyn, had designed the luxurious house themselves.

The house was a beautiful yellow color and was multiple layers. Alison and Kaitlyn walked with me describing the beautiful place. They told me that it had ten bedrooms, a large living area, a huge kitchen, a media room and was really decorated with posh items. I love to feel the excitement in your stomach when you are on vacation, and I had that very feeling just being inside of this mansion.

Outside of the enormous house, was the beautiful white sand, and within a few feet was the ocean. I could hear the excitement in Neils and Jaxson’s voices when we walked outside.

“Hahahaha,” Neils was hysterical laughing.

“What’s going on?” I laughed, too but didn’t know why.

“Jaxson just bit the dust. He tripped over that sand pile and landed face first in the sand. Hahahahaha,” she continued.

“Oh, Neils,” Jaxson teased. “Look what I have for you. Why it’s a sand pie that’s going to go right in your face.”

“Everybody run,” Neils laughed. After a few rounds of horseplay, the kids began eyeing the water.

“WOW! Kaitlyn, when can we go out and get in the surf?” Jaxson yelled almost knocking me over in the meantime.

“How about, now?” she laughed. I heard loud stomping going up the outdoor stairs into the house, so that they could quickly get their bathing suits. We followed but waited a few minutes so that we wouldn’t be stomped to death by Neils and Jaxson.

“Okay, Everyone,” Kaitlyn spoke. “Choose your rooms.” It’s funny, but even though the huge house had many rooms, the four of us decided to stay together. I mean the rooms were large anyway. Jaxson chose one room and Glen was across the hall from him. Our rooms were on the other side of the house. Kaitlyn chose the room that was right in the middle of our rooms, so in case we needed her, she would be right there.

After we put on our bathing suits, grabbed our towels, and put on our sunscreen, we walked through the kitchen to go outside. I smelled the sweetest smell of fruit that made my stomach growl. I guess Neils did, too, because she blurted out, “Kaitlyn, can we eat some fruit before we go out?”

“For sure, Neils. My house is your house. This food is for you guys to eat all you want. I told the chef that I wanted healthy food for all of us, so that we’ll all feel good all weekend. I did tell him that he could add ice cream with hot fudge tomorrow night.”

“Thank you, Kaitlyn,” I said. “I think I’ll eat some juicy watermelon before I go outside.”

I could hear the laughter from my friends outside. Neils and Jaxson were really loud laughing and chasing Glen. As I was walking outside, I loved the feel of the sunshine, sand and the smell of seawater. This is one of those moments when you’re glad to be alive.

“Come on, Abby,” Alison said. “Take my arm and let’s get out in the water.” I took her arm and we jumped the waves. When the waves would roll in she would yell, ‘jump’, and I would jump because otherwise I got a mouth full of salt water. Eeek.

“Abby, get on board with me,” Andrea said. I held on to some floatation device called a ‘boogey board’ and we rode the waves. I was laughing and having the best time when someone yelled, “Glen is missing!”

“Castles in the Sand”

“Guys, where is Glen?” asked Jaxson. You could tell from the strangled sound coming out of his mouth that he was really worried. “He was just here with me riding the waves. I hope he ain’t dead. What if a shark ate him or he drowned?” I had to admit that I was starting to choke up, too, but then I heard Alison yell, “He’s over here with my mom.” Of course, where else would Glen be? We all thought of Glen as a dumb kid, but he was the one being buried in the sand by a beautiful and popular movie star. Maybe Ol’ Glen wasn’t so dumb after all.

“I’m over here, Guys,” Goofy Glen laughed. He was in hog heaven. It made us crack up.

“Jaxson is next, Kaitlyn,” Glen said.

“I ain’t never going to be buried by nobody, beautiful and skinny movie star or not,” and then he stomped off.

“I want to do it,” I said.

“Great,” Kaitlyn added. “Lay down, Abby, and we are going to turn you into a gorgeous mermaid.” The kids, except for pouty Jaxson, put sand all over me, and then Kaitlyn carved mermaid arms and fins for me. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures of me. I added, “Put my cane beside me.” Neils got a big kick out of this and sent my mom the pictures of Glen and me from her expensive new phone. After I was buried in the sand, Alison and I made beautiful sand castles from the plastic buckets that we bought earlier.

Later that night, we went to several of the really cool souvenir shops along the seawall.

“Hey, hey, look at that four-person bicycle,” Jaxson screamed. “Let’s ride it.” Kaitlyn agreed and we rented two. We pedaled like crazy and had so much fun. I could really feel the Claireze from the ocean on my face, and it was really making me hungry.

“Why does that weird-looking man keep looking over here at us?” asked Andrea.

“Oh, he probably recognizes Kaitlyn or something,” I said.

“It isn’t Kaitlyn that he’s staring at, but it is Alison that the weirdo keeps gawking at like there’s no tomorrow,” Andrea stated.

“Mom, I am hungry,” Alison said. “When can we go eat?” She seemed oblivious to the fact that some weird man was eyeing her.

“Let’s go eat at this really good seafood restaurant across the street. Everyone get what you want. We’ll have chocolate sundaes when we get back to the beach house.”

Jaxson took Kaitlyn literally when she said that he could have what he wanted. He ate a steak, a salad, his own tray of garlic bread, a baked potato and a side of onion rings. “Wow, that was great!!” Jaxson said and then he belched, ‘BURP’.

“Gross. Eeeeeek,” Neils laughed and then did the same, ‘BURP’. My parents would have told us to calm down but not cool Kaitlyn.

“That isn’t anything,” Kaitlyn said. Then to my surprise and everyone in the restaurant she let out a huge, ‘BURP!!!!!’. We laughed, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Neils and Andrea had to carry me out of the restaurant. I was laughing like crazy until Andrea tugged on my arm and whispered, “Hurry up and get into the car, NOW!”

“What’s wrong, Andrea?” I asked.

“The weird man is staring at us again. I guess he followed us into the restaurant. He is really starting to scare me.” We jumped into the car, and drove away without anyone else noticing the stranger that was following us.

That same night, we walked along the private beach area and hunted for sand crabs. We took a flashlight, a big tin pail and a net. We captured the crabs and put them in the pail. When we finished hunting, we dumped them all out of the pail and took off running back into the house.

"Did you see him?” I asked Andrea as we were walking along with the group.

"No, I didn’t see anyone else except for the young family down the beach. I guess he finally got his eyes full or something,” Andrea said simply.

“Hahahhahahaha,” Glen laughed. “This is the coolest trip that I have ever taken with friends. Well, I guess it’s the only trip that I’ve taken with friends.” We stayed up talking and then went to sleep, so that we could be ready for the big movie premiere tomorrow night.


The next morning when we woke up, we ate hot scrambled eggs, buttered biscuits, crunchy bacon and delicious sweet pieces of fruit, and were being waited on by some of Kaitlyn’s staff members. Knowing a movie star had its advantages.

After breakfast we played some more in the water and ran around the beach area. Jaxson stumbled upon a shed that was attached to the house.

“Let’s go inside and see what’s in there. I bet there some kind of really cool jet ski,” Jaxson said.

“Let me try the door,” I said, and sure enough it was unlocked. “Wow, let’s go inside and investigate,” I continued.

We went inside and saw cans of paint, a few surfboards, fishing nets and poles, and then we heard Jaxson scream.

“What’s wrong with you?” screamed Glen.

“I foooouuuunnnddd a fiiiinnnnnngggeeerr!” Jaxson croaked, and then I heard another scream.

It was Alison. “Oh, my gosh. I see it, too!” she yelled. As you know, I am pretty brave most of the time, but I was about to go into full-blown panic until I heard Neils start laughing and laughing hard.

“You guys are really funny,” she laughed. “That’s not a finger; it’s a fishing lure. See?”

Sure enough, Neils was right. The ‘finger’ was nothing but an old fishing lure, you know, what you tie on the end of a fishing pole, so that the fish think it’s a worm or something that they can eat. Well, that was Jaxson’s ‘finger’ that he saw. We were laughing and throwing it around and on each other for at least a half an hour. I was finally relaxing until I heard a loud scream coming from Neils.

“Dead Man Walking”

“I just saw a man!” Neils screamed. “He stuck his head through that window. He looked dead, I mean really white, so maybe he was dead. I don’t know, but I am getting out of here.”

“Oh, no. Guys. I saw him following us around last night. Let’s get out of here,” Andrea yelled.

We all screamed and began running to get out of the shed when a man with dark hair and cold blue eyes stepped out in front of us and said, “What are you kids doing in this shed? Did you find anything? If you did, you need to return it. NOW!”

When the stranger screamed, ‘NOW’, we took off, and I didn’t have to wait for someone to grab my arm. I had a death-grip on Andrea’s shirt and we were out of there. I heard Jaxson scream, “Help me chain the garage shut.” So Neils pushed the man back, knocked him down, and held the door shut while Jaxson chained the door handle, so that the rest of us could get away.

“This won’t hold him long, but we might stand a chance.

We ran up the steps to go inside the beach house, and were about to yell for Kaitlyn to call the police until Jaxson said, “I know what he’s looking for.” And then Jaxson pulled out a wad of bills worth thousands of dollars and placed them in my hands.

“Jaxson, what is that?” I asked.

“It’s money. I found it all around the shed while you guys were playing around with the fishing lure. We can’t call the police until we find out if the money belongs to the man or to someone else.”

We tried to regain our composure and walked back into the beach house.

“What was all that noise?” asked Kaitlyn. “You kids sure know how to scream.” We let Alison take the lead.

“Mom, we were playing a game called, “Dead Man Walking,” she said. “We’ve had enough of that silly game, so I think we are all going to stay inside until the movie premiere and play games.” Kaitlyn was busy, so our really lame excuse for the noises we were making were quickly forgotten. She had all of her movie people around her doing her hair, make-up and anything else that she might need.

“Guys, that man really scares me,” Alison said. “The weird thing is that I think I have seen him somewhere before, but I can’t remember.”

“Was it that scary movie we saw last summer?” I asked. “There are movie stars in the house, so maybe he was just playing around with us,” I said not convincing myself.

“No, he ain’t no movie star,” Jaxson said. “He was either a dead man or a really scary alive one, and for some reason, he is hiding this money, and following us around. I ain’t giving it to him, though, until I know what’s going on with him and the money.”

“I just hope he doesn’t kill you or us in the meantime,” Neils quipped.

The rest of the day we played video games, cards and games inside of the beautiful beach house and away from ‘Dead Man Walking’.

“Star Light, Star Bright”

The night of the movie premiere was simply magic. If I didn’t want to be a detective so bad, I would want to be an actress just like Kaitlyn. I loved Kaitlyn even though I still thought that she was a better movie star than a mother, but I kept my thoughts to myself on that matter.

We all got dressed for the premiere. I decided to wear my turquoise shiny short dress with my heeled sandals and my glitzy necklace. Andrea wore her cute black ruffle short dress, Alison wore a baby blue halter top with matching skirt and Neils wore. . . a beautiful green short dress that matched her eyes. Andrea said that she looked stunning. Jaxson and Glen both looked really nice both wearing black suits and ties.

“My mom made me wear this monkey suit,” Jaxson complained until Kaitlyn told him and Glen that they both looked really hot. Neils said that Jaxson turned three shades of red, and Glen looked like he was going to pass out.

Kaitlyn, however, was the true star. Neils said, “I don’t think that I have ever seen someone this beautiful in person. She always looks pretty, but tonight she looks like a star.” Neils said that Kaitlyn wore a long beautiful black dress with a white lace tie around her waist, a beautiful diamond necklace and earrings, and her long blonde hair fell across to one side over her right shoulder.

The audience really seemed to like Kaitlyn’s new movie. I could hear everyone laugh at the appropriate times and clapped wildly at the end of it.

“Mom, I am so proud of you,” Alison said.

“I am proud of you,” Kaitlyn said. “You are the one who has it together.”

We went to the coolest party at some swanky place in Houston. It had a lot of food, and I mean a lot of great food.

“This is the best food,” Jaxson said and Glen, surprisingly, was agreeing again, “Yep, it sure is, Bro.”

I was listening to the music and keeping with the time of the music when Neils came over to me and said, “Dead Man Walking is in this room and he is coming this way!”

‘Dead Man’ took a turn and whispered something to Jaxson and Glen. Jaxson violently shook his head ‘no’ and took off running. Neils told me that ‘Dead Man’ began chasing after the boys.

“Abby, I got to go and help them,” Neils screamed and then she took off running. The rest of our gang saw what was going on and took off to help out as well, and then Kaitlyn walked up.

“Abby, what is going on? Why are all of the kids running?”

“Kaitlyn, Jaxson found some money in the barn and then this weird-looking man chased us and said to give back the money. The man has been following us around Galveston since we got here. He showed up here tonight, and now he’s chasing Jaxson and Glen,” I panted.

“Take my arm, Abby,” Kaitlyn said. “I think I know who is behind all of this.”

I swallowed hard and did what Kaitlyn said, but I could literally hear my knees knocking together.

“Joe Summers”

I could hear kids screaming and footsteps running.

“Dad, is that you?” Kaitlyn screamed. HUH? Dad? What on earth was Kaitlyn talking about?

“Kaitlyn, yes it’s me. I have been saving up some money for Alison, and hid it in the barn until this little crook took my money,” the man replied and continued, “I was following you and Alison around. I heard from a friend of mine that you owned this beautiful beach house and would be there this weekend for a movie premiere.”

“How did you get the money, Dad?” Kaitlyn demanded.

“I got it by honest means, Kaitlyn. You know that I do not rob banks anymore. You know that I have turned my life around. I would never hurt you anymore, and I want to get to know my own granddaughter.”

“Dead Man is your grandfather?” asked Glen.

“You are my grandfather?” Alison asked.

“Yes, Alison. I was in prison years ago for very bad decisions, but I have changed. I have been saving money for you. I do not have a bank account, and wanted to give you the money for your college. I hid it in the shed until after the movie premiere or I did until this kid took it.”

“I didn’t know, Mister,” Jaxson said. “I just wanted to make sure the money was in the right hands. I got it back stuffed in my pillowcase. You can have it back, really.”

“Thank you, Son, I appreciate your looking out for what’s right. I learned the hard way, but I am a changed man. Let’s shake hands. My name is Joe. Joe Summers.”

“We saw your name in the prison museum,” Glen said proudly.

“Yes, I gave them permission to put information up about me, so that others could see that I’ve changed my life, and so can anyone else,” Joe said, and continued, “We all make mistakes and need to learn from them.”

“Dad, I’m proud that you have changed. I’ve been talking to Sue, your sister, and I have heard really good things about how you have turned your life around the past ten years. I am really happy for you. Yes, we all make mistakes, and I know that I have made plenty.” I was proud of Kaitlyn for what she had just said. This could not be easy on her.

“Let’s go back and enjoy the party, and Dad, why don’t you stay at the beach house with us?”

“ Oh, no,” I heard Jaxson whisper to Glen.

“No, Kaitlyn, I got a hotel down the street, but why don’t we all have breakfast tomorrow morning on me. I want to get to know my beautiful granddaughter, and of course, her friends,” Joe said proudly.

“Joe Cool”

Joe did as he promised, and he came to the beach house the next day where he and Jaxson exchanged the money.

“Thank you, Jaxson. I appreciate you doing what is right,” Joe said earnestly.

“No problem, Joe. I just want you to know that I have made tons of mistakes myself. Do you know that I use to…. Oh, never mind, Joe, it ain’t important now,” Jaxson said.

Joe hung out all day with us. He was really a cool guy. Jaxson, Glen, Neils and Andrea went surfing with him. Come to find out, he was an excellent surfer and made his money teaching surfing lessons, and after a few years, he had opened up Joe’s Surf Shop right there on the seawall.

“Hey, Dad. Are you living in Galveston full time?” asked Kaitlyn.

“Yes, I am. I love my new business and my new life. Oh, and before you ask, I do wear sunscreen.” We laughed and had the best afternoon hanging out with Joe Cool.

“The Chain Gang” sung by The Pretenders

“I found a picture of you, oh,oh,oh,oh,oh
Those were the happiest days of my life
Like a break in battle was your part, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
In the wretched life of a lonely heart

(Chorus) Now we’re back on the train
Oh, back on the chain gang. . .”


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