Directional Tracking with the Hide & Seek Plush Monkey

One of the downsides of being the eldest child is that when your siblings can't crawl, they're pretty boring playmates. What's a 4 year old to do when they get bored playing peekaboo with the baby? Other than cause mayhem, which 4 year olds are spectacular at doing... ooh, how about hide and seek? Oh, wait, the baby can't hide and playing hide-the-baby is a bad, bad, idea.

This little monkey is the perfect hide and seek companion for your wee geek. Hide him indoors or outside. The seeker wand tracks the monkey and emits a signal only the monkey can hear. When your wee geek gets close to the monkey, it will start making monkey noises. Listen for the sounds, hunt around, and find the monkey's hiding place. ThinkGeek has two hide and seek monkeys: this plush version is better for the youngest wee geeks (ages 2-5) because the sound effects make the monkey easier to find. All batteries are included, so your Hide and Seek Plush Monkey is ready to play right out of the box!

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 2 and Up
  • Plush monkey plays hide and seek with your wee geek
  • Hide the monkey indoors or outside, track it with the wand
  • When the wand gets close to the monkey, the monkey will make noise
  • Follow the monkey noises to find its hiding place
  • Picked by Fox News as a Hot Toy from 2010 Toy Fair
  • Batteries are included (9V and 3AAA)
Click this link to purchase the Hide & Seek Plush Monkey from


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