Greater iTunes Accessibility with Blind Tunes

Hello, my name is John Martyn and I am 100% blind. I lost my vision in August 2008 and this is my second accessibility script. iTunes is a great program and is semi-accessible by default, but it could be easier, more accessible, and faster to work with.

I have developed a script that intends to maximize your experience and help you enjoy music. It incorporates a Task flow system to give the user a rich and pleasant experience while keeping complicated tasks simple. Navigation has never been easier.

The main message I'm trying to convey is that Blind Tunes is more about the music and less about the navigation. Like any accessibility script that's worth while, hundreds of hours go into development and testing, so please remember that I do this because I truly care about the blind community and our equality.

For those who are not familiar with iTunes, it is a music program that can easily archive, sort, and allow you to buy all the music you want in one place. Finding music in your own personal collection and creating playlists is so very simple even the most novice of users can use Blind Tunes. I highly recommend this for any starting blind computer user. You're gonna love it.

Blind Tunes is still in Beta Development and you can take part in its testing and even make suggestions on what you'd like to access. To join the Beta list via eMail, click this link and put the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

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