Half Empty or Half Full?

by Donna J. Jodhan

This is one of the questions that I constantly continue to ask myself and I guess that if I am a positive person as I usually am, I would say that the glass is half full. However, there are many other blind persons who would take the opposite opinion.

For me, the glass is half full because despite my challenges I still somehow manage to come out on top and I have so many things to be thankful for. For my parents, family, and friends; plus my undying ability to dream, create, and try. Most of all, my deep and unshakeable faith in God. For others, the glass is half empty because there is so much that they have to deal with; a disability, no family close by, and not too many friends. In addition, many blind persons also have to deal with secondary and even tertiary challenges.

More and more blind persons are having to deal with such things as loss of hearing, physical disabilities, plus so much more. No wonder they find it difficult to see the glass as half full. We all need to work together to change this and I am asking you to help spread the word.

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