Managing Expectations

by Donna J. Jodhan

When it comes to suitable careers, I think that the trick here is to ensure that expectations are well managed on both sides of the fence. Nothing could be more frustrating and disappointing when expectations are not met by both sides. That is, when employers and their blind and sight impaired employees fail to discuss expectations before hand. This has been the case ever since I started my working career and with technology playing more and more of a major role in the workplace, expectations need to be managed more carefully and intelligently.

If expectations are properly managed, then it is only natural that suitable careers will be easier to come by. A suitable career, one that brings personal and financial satisfaction to a blind and sight impaired employee should also be one that brings satisfaction to the employer as well. The choice of career for blind and sight impaired employees is almost governed by the type of working environment; that is, is the employee able to function in the employer's environment given technological, physical, and other relative requirements. The choice of career for blind and sight persons is not always as clear cut as for the mainstream person and this needs to be taken into consideration as well.

There are limitations to be recognized but these limitations can easily be used to create and innovate careers that could turn into great boons for all stake and rights holders. My final words; manage expectations.

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