Please Don't Patronize Me

by Donna J. Jodhan

As a blind person, one of the most annoying and upsetting challenges for me is when someone patronizes me. When a person speaks to me in a tone that they would normally use for a kid, when they pat me on the hand and say something like "Okay dear, or "you poor thing." This absolutely drives me up the wall.

Another example of patronizing is when someone speaks to my mom or friend or accompanying friend instead of me. Something like: "What would she like to have" at a restaurant or "Would she like to try on those sweaters?" Getting angry does not really help as I have discovered over the years. Instead, I speak up for myself or my mom or friend would gently say "You can ask Donna herself."

In my experience, , the worst type of patronization takes place in: Stores, the doctor's office, the supermarket, restaurants, and at recreation parks. There is absolutely no need to patronize a blind person.

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