Reach Out and Teach: Helping Your Child Who is Visually Impaired Learn and Grow

The empowering guide that taught parents and teachers how to promote the development of young children with visual and multiple impairments has been updated and reconceptualized to reflect today's families' concerns and the latest research findings on learning in infancy and early childhood. New content focuses on learning at different developmental stages, expanded strategies to promote children's skills, and preparation for early intervention, preschool, kindergarten and beyond.

New and expanded information on - The role of the brain in vision and the role of brain plasticity in learning - The implications of Project PRISM, to date the only federally funded longitudinal study of young children who are visually impaired.

  • Natural environments in early intervention
  • The interdependence of different developmental domains
  • IDEA as it applies to early intervention, IEPs, and the transition to elementary school
  • Conditions that cause visual impairment
  • The vision exam and vision tests for infants
  • Skills children with visual impairments need to succeed in preschool and in kindergarten
  • Explanations of common terms and glossary
  • Considerations about assistive technology and other tools
Click this link to purchase Reach Out and Teach from the American Foundation for the Blind.


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