Recreational Sports; A Benefit to the Blind

A Canadian perspective by Donna J. Jodhan

As an avid ice skater and as someone who has recently become more interested in cross country skiing, I have decided to do my best to push the benefits of recreational sports for blind persons. Here in Toronto where I live, I have found it extremely difficult to find ways to engage in recreational sports and I am definitely not alone in my opinion.

Over the past year, I have spoken to several other blind persons who feel the same way. We have approached countless sporting organizations, volunteer groups, church groups, plus individuals and at the end of the day it is all the same message that we seem to be getting. It appears that the Federal government is more than willing to fund competitive sports for persons with disabilities, including blind and sight impaired persons but when it comes to recreational sports, there seems to be a huge hole; something like nothing beyond the deep blue sea or horizon.

Maybe it's time that we start to campaign for the benefits of recreational sports for blind and sight impaired persons. With a rapidly aging population, many of whom will probably lose varying degrees of vision along the way, it may be time for the various organizations and governmental bodies to start putting meaningful recreational sports programs into place. I hope that there are others out there who will hear my call and join the chorus.

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