As a Blind Woman

by Donna J. Jodhan

Being a woman has its unique set of challenges in the business world but as a blind woman? Well, there are added challenges to face and there is more for me to add. I am of mixed race; Oriental mix, Part Chinese, part East Indian, and part Italian. When people ask me if I am discriminated against most as a woman, as a blind person, or as someone of mixed race, my answer is very quick in coming. I am discriminated against most as a blind person.

As someone of mixed race living in Canada, I have not really had much to face as far as discrimination goes and the same could be said for being a woman. However, as a blind person, I am unable to say the same. There is definitely a glass ceiling when it comes to career opportunities for blind persons in the workplace. In speaking to several other blind persons, the feeling persists that blind men have more of an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder or progress in their careers than blind women.

I often joke that in reality I have three strikes against me and in the game of baseball this would mean that I would be out at the plate; but I do not let this hold me back. I am a blind woman of mixed race and that's that. I cannot change any of this so I live with it and make the best of it. In short, I play with the cards that I have been dealt.

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