Google Chrome Talks with Speakit

Speakit is an extension that provides effective text-to-speech for selected text on any webpage.  There are three ways to activate Speakit and have it read the selected text.

  • Click on the icon that installs to the right of the address bar, near the top right corner of the screen.
  • Use the context-menu by right-clicking the mouse.
  • Use a customizable keyboard shortcut.  By default this is ctrl + shift + s

Note:  Right-clicking on the Speakit icon allows you to open an ‘Options’ menu in order to customize the keyboard shortcut or to make sure that Speakit is enabled in the context menu.

Speakit automatically detects and provides text-to-speech for all languages supported by Google, with the exception of Bulgarian, Japanese, and Arabic.

Click this link to get SpeakIt! from the Chrome Web Store.


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