The Right to Know

by Donna J. Jodhan

We are living in an information society and a knowledge based economy and we are depending more and more on information to be made accessible to us in a timely and efficient manner. We all need this in order to keep abreast of important events but most of all, we need it in order to make important decisions in our lives.

For blind and sight impaired persons, it is even more crucial that we are able to access information on a timely and efficient basis; the right to know. The right to know should not be taken too lightly. It should not be treated as a privilege nor should it be treated as a nice to have. It is a right, a must, and one that we need to protect and safeguard at all costs.

Technology has made it easier for information to be made available to everyone; the Internet being the primary way. We need information in order to not just make important decisions that affect our daily lives, we need it in order to survive. We need to be kept in the know so that we as blind and sight impaired persons can keep up with the mainstream world. The right to know could be easily compared to the cane or guide dog that we depend on in order to navigate our way through life.

The right to know is only going to become more vital to us as time marches on and blind and sight impaired persons need to ensure that this right remains a right and does not become somehow forgotten in a busy and confused world. If we keep this in mind then we will survive. If we fail to keep it safe then we might as well give in to a world where we will one day become almost forgotten. Perseverance is the name of the game; mediocrity can only lead to failure.

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