Keep Your Pet Dog Dry with the Dogbrella

Hmmm, walking around with your dog can be a very pleasant experience, especially when the weather is fine and dandy. What happens when the skies go all dark, and the heavens pour? Most folks would then stay at home and do some obedience training or play fetch, but those who are adamant on going out for walks will definitely find the Dogbrella!

This inverted bumbershoot forms a waterproof cocoon around a small dog, enabling canine and master to maintain a walking regimen in inclement weather. The umbrella's 29" diameter canopy is made from 8-gauge clear polypropylene that sheds rain, sleet, and snow while allowing an unfettered view of your walking companion. Not only does the umbrella eliminate the excuse "it's too wet for a walk" from a dog owner's lexicon (to the delight of most canines and the amusement of most spouses), it prevents moisture from getting spread throughout the home, along with the unpleasant scent of a wet dog. The tip of the umbrella hooks to your pet's leash to keep it from straying beyond its protective canopy. Sturdy stainless steel shaft and ribs with a white plastic crook handle. For leash-trained dogs up to 15 lbs. and less than 24" long. 24 3/4" L x 4" when collapsed. (1 lb.)

Handy, to a certain extent. Why do we say so? Well, walking your pooch when it rains isn’t such a good idea, your dog’s bottom section will still get wet. It will keep most of your dog dry, making it easier for you to dry them when the walk is over.

Click this link to purchase a Dogbrella from Hammacher Schlemmer.


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