LouisPlus has been Launched!

We are excited to share with you that LouisPlus--the single search for the Louis Database and NIMAC—is now live! You will now see the LouisPlus link just to the right of the Louis search box on the Louis home page at: http://louis.aph.org.

LouisPlus allows you to do one search to locate accessible instructional materials in either Louis or NIMAC, and NIMAC authorized users will be pleased to know that they can click a link within the search results to go directly to the NIMAC record and download the file or assign it to an Accessible Media Producer.

As a reminder, the NIMAC contains NIMAS source files that may be used to create accessible instructional materials. Louis lists instructional materials in student-ready accessible formats. For more about NIMAC please visit www.nimac.us.

Please call Resource Services at 800-223-1839 ext. 705 for more information on LouisPlus.


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