Safe Candles for the Blind

by Linda Stewart

Have you heard of Scentsy Flameless Candles? I am a blind consultant. These candles really appeal to me for a number of reasons. First and foremost, all you do to heat the wax is flip a switch. A small lightbulb under the place where you put the wax heats the wax to a temperature that will not burn you even if you stuck your finger in it after its been on for hours. Each wax bar lasts 80 hours. The warmers that heat the wax are very pretty. I guess you could compare them to decorative little lamps of all types.

For example, there is a warmer with a bird that you can feel perched on the saucer where you put the wax and another called Grapevine which is also very tactile. There are warmers that appeal to sports enthusiasts, like golf, football, basketball, college warmers with the name of the college on them, a warmer that says "liberty", military warmers for all branches of the military, warmers with a raised cross on all four sides. Little plug-in warmers too, one which looks like seashells, perfect for a bathroom.

The fragrances fall into six categories: spring and summer, Scentsy man, spa, tropical, corner café, and romance. If you had a cinnamon bun fragrance permeating your home people would be sure you were cooking cinnamon buns. The men's fragrances are wonderful, my favorite being "well-dressed man." I love the flower ones like gardenia, or lilacs and violets, and mulberry. And of course the spa ones which smell so clean and relaxing. All fragrances are also in room sprays or scent circles. There is a leather fragrance which comes in only scent circles and travel tins. The scent circles can be used as car fresheners or be put in purses or drawers. There are little stuffed animals that you can choose a fragrance to securely zip inside.

We can place an order for you if you would like to call 859-321-5577, or order on my website: My email address is I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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