Tips to Prep Your Mobile Phone During a Disaster

Here's some great tips to keep your cell phone running for as long as possible.

  • Until you lose power, keep your wireless phone batteries charged at all times.
  • Have an alternative plan to recharge your battery, such as using your car charger or having extra (charged!) batteries.
  • Turn off Bluetooth support to save battery power.
  • Keep your wireless phone dry.
  • Have a family communication plan in place. Designate someone out of the area as a central contact.
  • Program all of your emergency contact numbers and e-mail addresses into your mobile phone.
  • Forward your home number to your wireless number in the event of an evacuation.
  • Sign up for emergency text alerts, track the storm and access weather information on your wireless device.
  • Use the camera on your phone and send photos of damaged property to your insurance company.
  • Use texting rather than calling in an emergency. You’ll have a better chance getting through as well as freeing up voice lines for emergency personnel.


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