When No One is Around

by Donna J. Jodhan

O boy! When no one is around to tell me what is happening, what is going on, or what is amiss! That is the world for a blind person like me.

When no one is around and I receive mail; I can usually scan it and decipher it but the scanner is not always accurate and I have to spend more than a bit of time to read it.

When no one is around and my screen reading software suddenly stops speaking to me; I have to frantically search for a neighbor or a friend to tell me what is going on.

When no one is around and my Internet connection unexpectedly dies; I need someone to tell me what's happening with my modem's lights. I have to hunt for sighted help.

When no one is around and I accidentally drop something on my carpet; if I can't find it then I need to either use logic to try and determine where it is, use my cane to try and locate it, and failing this I need to call in sighted help.

When no one is around and I need to set my chiming clock because the clocks either need to be put forward or backward; I need help to set the time because there is no way for me to feel the hands or the minute and hour indicators.

When no one is around and I need to sign a document; I have to find someone to help me locate the correct spot to write my signature.

When no one is around and I either spill things all over my counter or on the floor; all hell breaks loose and I have to call in the sighted brigade.

That's the picture for me as a blind person; but I cope with it and do the best that I can. Sometimes I can laugh at myself but at other times I am a bit less pleasant about it.

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