Accessible Intranets

by Donna J. Jodhan

There is one thing that employers need to give their attention to when it comes to ensuring that their blind and sight impaired employees have equal access to information; and that is accessible intranets. With more companies developing intranets for their employees, it is paramount to keep in mind that blind and sight impaired employees need to be able to access them on an equal footing.

Intranets are becoming more popular and companies are using them to do such things as: share information, ensure that employees are kept abreast of company news, post internal job postings, plus much more. Intranets are a great way to ensure that communication remains open between management and employees and they are not going to go away for the foreseeable future.

The majority of intranet designers and developers may tend to forget from time to time that their works of art need to be made accessible to all; especially so to blind and sight impaired employees. So what can they do in order to maintain accessibility? In short, make sure that content and information is well laid out and labeled with appropriate headings. Use appropriate background and foreground colors. Remember to provide alt tags for all images. Give appropriate names to links and ensure that link navigation is easy to work with. They can learn more by taking a look at the WCAG2 standards.

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