How to Personalize the Settings on Your iPad 2

How to Personalize the Settings on Your iPad 2

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There are many different ways to customize the settings on your iPad. Among the most important are Notification settings, location services, and carrier data. This article will also discuss how to personalize the video settings.


Airplane Mode
  1. Using this function will disable cellular signals sent out by the iPad. You will still be able to work on documents as well as enjoy iPad functions such as music, photos, and videos if, and when, permitted by the aircraft operator.
  2. Tap the Settings icon and then turn Airplane Mode on.
  3. Turn Wi-Fi on if your flight operator provides wireless Internet. Do so by tapping on the Settings icon and switching Wi-Fi on.
    • You can also customize your Internet by setting up or joining a virtual private network or VPN. Set up a VPN by tapping the Settings icon, then choose General, then Network, then VPN. You will have to contact the VPN administrator to find out what settings to use.
  1. Be aware that some apps come with Notifications that will send you a text message, a sound alert, or display a numbered badge on the app icon if new information related to the app is available. This is usually turned on by default, but you can turn if off if desired.
  2. Turn on/off all Notifications. Tap the Settings icon, then the Notifications icon, then turn off Notifications. If Notifications are already turned off, then you can click the switch to turn them on.
    • You can also turn off Notifications for individual apps by choosing an app from the list in Notifications.
Location Services
  1. Note that some apps, like Maps, use Location Services to establish where you are and make the app more effective. An arrow icon will appear if an app is requesting your location. This is usually turned on by default, but you can turn if off if desired.
  2. Turn on/off Location Services. Tap Settings, then tap Location Services and turn off the function. If the function is already turned off, flip the switch to on to restore them.
    • You can also turn Location Services off individually by choosing the app listed in Location Services.
Carrier and Cell Data Settings
  1. Tap Settings and then tap Carrier to pick the network you wish to use.
  2. Tap Settings and then tap Cellular Data to turn Roaming on or off. Tap View Account to change account settings.
  1. Tap Settings, and then tap Video.
  2. Personalize. You can do a number of things here, including turning Closed Captioning on or off, or setting up your iPad to play videos on your TV.



  • To customize iPod settings, tap Settings, then tap iPod Settings.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad 2

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