Is Anyone in the Elevator?

by Donna J. Jodhan

Whenever I get into an elevator, I always like to know if someone is there. When I had enough sight, it was never a problem for me but now it is because I am unable to see enough to tell.

So, as has always been my habit, as soon as I enter an elevator, I say hi and if someone answers then that's my cue to tell that someone is there. If no one answers, it does not necessarily mean that the elevator is empty. Occasionally, the person in the elevator may not answer or may just nod their head or smile, not knowing that I am unable to see. On these occasions, I use my sense of smell to help me out. Or, I can normally sense if someone is close by because of a sense of presence. The one humorous thing for me is getting on to an elevator and hearing someone else speaking. Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that they're speaking to me but truth be told, they are on their cell phone. It happens to everyone; not just a blind person.

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