Non-Food Uses for Your Freezer

Other than keeping your popsicles and frozen veggies frosty, who would have thought that your everyday freezer had so many uses? The freezer can be used in a variety of useful ways that don't involve perishable food.

  1. Store batteries in the freezer to prolong their life.
  2. Open a sealed envelope without ripping the paper. Just place it into a ziplock bag and freeze for a few hours. You will be able to open it much easier and reseal it when it warms back to room temperature.
  3. If you loathe the idea of sticking your beloved jeans into a washer and dryer, give it an icy cleaning session by sticking a pair into a ziploc bag, storing for a week and thawing it out until ready to wear. According to some jean enthusiasts, doing so kills bacteria and deodorizes smell, making it the ideal way to "wash" your jeans without any wear and tear. Good luck finding the space in your freezer to keep jeans for a week.
  4. And for the worst case scenario: when your computer has crashed and you are desperate to recover your saved files, many tech geeks have sworn by the method of removing the hard drive from the computer, sticking it into the freezer for a couple of hours, and putting it back in the computer to turn it on long enough to recover your data before it dies again.


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