Rosetta Translation announces Braille translation service

After a number of incoming requests for Braille in the company’s areas of expertise: legal, financial, technical and medical translation, Rosetta Translation a London- based language services provider decided to fully research and then later integrate Braille translation into their service list.

Braille, the system of writing and reading for the blind and partially sighted, is a ‘code’ consisting of raised dots which represent letters, punctuation and numbers. Although this system is available in other languages the translation provider is initially only offering Braille translations in English.

Many organisations are now required (according to recent legislation) to provide documents in Braille. Not only in the public sector is providing materials in Braille (such as signs, leaflets, information pamphlets etc.) beneficial. For companies in the private sector providing documents or data in a Braille format will not only open further doors in terms of markets and sales, but will also help the company to stand out as being socially aware.

The launch of the service will complement the existing range of services and the company also aims to add sign language interpreting (in all languages) to their repertoire later in the year.

Rosetta Translation Ltd with main offices in London and Shanghai, and international presence in Paris, Luxembourg and New York primarily provides translation and interpreting services in most world languages. The company currently specialises in legal, business, financial and medical translation and interpreting services.

Click this link to learn more about braille translation from Rosetta Translation.


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