Tennis Begins with Love: 30-Love Tennis Kit from APH

by Kristie Smith-Armand, M.Ed, CTVI

The other day, I was in my cubicle when I began to hear laughter from a colleague. I could also hear the sound of a tennis ball. I ran into Karen’s cubicle and watched a grown woman’s eyes light up while she bounced the tennis ball on a racket from APH.

“This is an amazing product,” Karen said while she continued to bounce the ball. “My student needs recreation and socialization and this is the tool that will certainly help,” Karen stated.

I watched Karen play with the tennis racquet until I could not stand it anymore. “Let me play,” I begged acting like the adolescent that still remains deeply inside of me.

When I told my student about the new tennis kit, he grinned and asked me if he could play with it after school.

“I can play with my cousin, Carlos, now,” Adelio said with enthusiasm. I smiled because in spite of a tough guy exterior, Adelio seeks to become involved and interact with others. He is skilled in the social arena but feels limited on the athletic playing field- until now!

Thanks to the 30-Love Tennis Kit, students who are blind or visually impaired are able to get out on the court with peers, compete and develop a new interest.

“I love to play tennis,” Adelio smiled, and now because of this new product he can begin tennis with love.


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