We Must Not Compromise

by Donna J. Jodhan

This is the one thing that the blind and sight impaired community needs to keep uppermost in there minds. We must not compromise. Whenever we demand something which we feel is our legitimate right to have, we must not compromise. Whenever we demand services that are otherwise available to the mainstream person, we must not compromise. What am I referring to today?

If for example we were to ask our government to provide us with a service that would give us equal access to information on health services, we need to ensure that these services satisfy our entire needs. If our government were to say that it would do it but we would not be able to receive certain services, or not receive it in all of the available alternate formats, we need to say no! There is not going to be any compromise.

Compromising is not a bad thing if it means that all stakeholders end up getting what they set out to get, but when it comes to us not being able to get something because the provider does not feel that it is necessary to provide the entire service, then here is where the problem starts. In most cases, when it comes to issues that pertain directly to the blind and sight impaired, the word compromise often means having to do without an important piece of the puzzle. There should not be really any reason why a provider would want to compromise. It's either all or nothing and for too long the blind community has had to put up with compromise.

Shortcuts or the cutting of corners are also no reason for compromise. We as a community need to start our own rules. Compromise is no longer an alternative because there is no need for it. Compromise often leads to having something that does not really fulfill the need. Just my two cents worth for today.

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