The Accessible Technology Coalition

From the website:

The AT Coalition is a project of the Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT). CforAT is one of the oldest and most respected AT Center in the US, and our staff are known for their ability to solve complex AT issues and work with people with a wide range of disabilities, including people with multiple disabilities.

The mission of the AT Coalition is "to develop a consumer driven, grassroots program that provides people with disabilities, and those that work with them, accurate answers to their technology questions allowing them to identify appropriate solutions - particularly for those who do not have access to a local AT Center".

The field of accessible technology has changed enormously in the last 30 years. Yet, people with disabilities and those that work with them still struggle to identify the appropriate technologies that will improve their lives, or the lives of family members, employees, or clients. The ATC will meet this need by providing up-to-date information online, where it is accessible to everyone.

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