APH Guidelines for Print Document Design Have Been Updated!

In an ongoing effort to share information about best practices for designing accessible media, we have updated our APH guidelines for creating print and large print materials. The revisions were based on extensive research and feedback from low vision readers.

“APH Guidelines for Print Document Design” was created by APH Low Vision Project Leader Elaine Kitchel, who has years of experience designing products for low vision users.

A few of the many revisions to these guidelines include:

  • Improved specifications for maps, charts, graphs, and graphics to make them as readable and usable as the surrounding large print.
  • Application of colors or fills preferred by low vision and color-blind readers where necessary to improve recognition and decoding.
  • Implementation of alternating color bands to facilitate comprehension of text-dense documents such as a table of contents.

You can find our revised print document guidelines, as well as best practices for accessible media such as braille, tactile graphics, and assessments on our Accessible Media Guidelines page.


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