APH Magazine Service: From Cassettes to Flash Cartridges

APH has provided free accessible editions of Reader’s Digest® (braille since 1928 and recorded since 1939) and Newsweek® (recorded since 1959) to thousands of eligible readers who are blind or visually impaired. Private donations are the backbone of this valuable service.

We will soon be facing a real but solvable problem: cassettes and recording tape will soon be gone, worldwide. We are already facing quality and supply problems. Our best option for replacing the cassettes is flash cartridges. Unfortunately, they cost over fifteen times what a cassette does and we will have many cartridges in circulation.

Please contact APH’s development department if you are interested in contributing toward our transition from cassette tapes to flash cartridges: development@aph.org or give online at www.aph.org.


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