AT&T App Lets Vision Impaired Customers Use Android Phones

AT&T has announced the availability of Mobile Accessibility Lite, a free application that will let those who have no eyesight or little eyesight use and interact with Android smartphones.

The application suite, which can be installed on the home screen, interacts with 11 core Android functions: phone, contacts, SMS, alarm, calendar, email, web browser, music player, settings, Where AM I, and select applications. Mobile Accessibility Lite uses Nuance Communication's Vocalizer voice synthesis to read the text under the user's finger as he/she moves their finger around the display. With it, vision-impaired users can perform most tasks, such as answering calls, sending emails, and accessing GPS to attain their location. The free application works with all Android devices running 2.1 Eclair and up.

Click this link to learn more about the the AT&T app at the Android Market.


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