The Best for a Nest

The Best for a Nest is an interactive storybook that provides an opportunity for the learner to focus on many concepts: position of objects, prepositional phrases, and use of tactile symbols


Included with the book is a hook/loop material storyboard and a group of manipulatives: birds, nest, eggs, tree, branches, grass, and a cat. The manipulatives are tactile symbols that are designed to assist the child in better understanding the text on each page of the book.

Basic Concepts Can Be Explored

  • Counting -- the number of branches, eggs, birds, nest, and cat
  • Left and Right -- as related to the tree, its branches, and positions of the bird(s), and cat
  • Comparisons -- of lengths of branches and sizes of birds
  • Top and Bottom -- of the tree and the page
  • Around -- the tree

The Concepts Can Be Extended

  • Go outside and explore different trees and their branches with your child
  • Visit a pet shop and have him/her hold a bird
  • Find a bird nest and let the child play with it
  • Compare different eggs of birds and chickens with him/her

Topics for Discussion

  • Why do birds sit on their eggs?
  • Where do birds go when winter comes?
  • What are the seasons of the year (sequence) and their difference?
  • Why did the bird want to be safe from the cat?
  • What kind of food did the bird find on the ground?
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

Catalog Number: 5-12301-00
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