Do Blind People Attend Functions?

by Donna J. Jodhan

Whenever someone asks me this question, my immediate response is "and why not?"

This is a frequently asked question and you know what? I always try to be polite in my responses. There is still much for the sighted world to learn and discover when it comes to how blind people live, work, and socialize. We can definitely attend functions but there are slight differences in the way we interact with others.

Because we are unable to see, we need to use our ears to help us identify people at functions. We sometimes need help to navigate buffet tables, find our seats, and find our places at tables. We need others to help us with visual cues.

This is the picture for a blind person when attending functions. It may sound cumbersome to a sighted person but not really. Once you get the hang of things then it's not too bad. It can be a lot of fun. Can blind people attend functions? Yes, they most certainly can.

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