How to Choose a Dress Shirt

How to Choose a Dress Shirt

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Whether for yourself or for someone else, choosing a men's dress shirt can be more complicated that you think. Here are a couple of steps to keep in mind when selecting a dress shirt.


  1. Choose a color. Are you buying a dress shirt for a job interview, or are you looking to dress up more fashionably?
    • For an interview, the traditional choices are conservative colors. A light blue is usually the safest. White is very formal. Grays are also generally safe.
    • If you are looking to portray a more lively image, choose bright, unconventional colors. Bright greens and oranges are relatively popular, as well as pink.
  2. Choose a pattern. Solid colors are considered wardrobe staples because they are easiest to match, but you might consider choosing stripes or a

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