How to Make Tea Using a Coffee Pot

How to Make Tea Using a Coffee Pot

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Yes, it is possible to make tea using a coffee pot, and no it won't send your coffee maker to coffee heaven. It's a useful fix for brewing a large pot of herbal tea that you want to keep warm for hours, such as when you're caring for someone with a cold or the flu.


  1. Fill the glass carafe with water and pour into the water reservoir as for regular coffee.
  2. Remove and rinse the filter basket from previous brews of either coffee or tea.
  3. Select your choice of teabags. Place them into the filter basket. Place the filter basket, without a coffee filter, back into its compartment and close the compartment. Now turn on the coffee maker after replacing the carafe on the hot plate.
    • Use approximately one teabag per one cup of water.
  4. Wait until the tea is done brewing, and enjoy!


This video shows how to make southern style sweet tea with a coffee pot.


  • This is most useful for herbal teas, such as Celestial Seasonings sleepytime extra and straight raspberry.
  • If the teabags have strings, make sure they're outside of the filter basket. You can close the lid on the strings.


  • Both the carafe and resulting tea will be hot after brewing.

Things You'll Need

  • Coffee pot/carafe
  • Teabags

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