Start with the Kids

by Donna J. Jodhan

In a world where we continue to struggle with so many things, how to get things done, when to get them done, what to get done, and why we must do it all, it may be a good idea for us to take a deep breath and leave it all to the kids. Yes, the kids! and why not?

Kids are the ones who are the most innocent of us all. They are never afraid to tell the truth. They are extremely unabashed when it comes to honesty. They trust easily and if you are seeking to get your message across to the rest of the world, then they are probably the best and most effective messengers that you will ever find.

Ask them a question and they tell no lies. Give them an idea and they are lightning quick to run with it, develop it, and embellish it. Wet their imaginations and you'll see how quickly they turn dreams into reality or something very close to it.

Kids are ever so quick to get the meaning and in the simplest of ways while we adults find it so difficult at times to even get off the mark. They are the best messengers and for my money, we should start with them if we are serious about wanting to share our messages and spread them around. Something for me to consider when next I wish to convey a message on the subject of accessibility.

Maybe and just maybe, they may be able to help us break down some barriers in the sighted world. They may be able to help build some of those bridges and break down some of those fences. They may even be able to help us find ways to narrow the gap between understanding and naivity/ignorance. Just my two cents worth for today.

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