Free Books from Daria

Books can inspire.  They can enchant.  They can delight and they can heal. Multicultural books can be especially powerful in celebrating diversity and teaching tolerance and helping us explore the world in a way that is creative, positive and powerful.

Multicultural children’s performer, DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou)  has created a website where you can get books for free. Here's what she writes:

Dear Friends:

When reviewing books or visiting libraries, I often get wonderful copies of great books that I’d love to share with you!  Most are new, but some are library discards (in good shape).

If you’d be willing to spread the word about this website by sharing a Tweet or Facebook entry or email, then I’d love to send you one of the books for free. I even pick up the postage! So take a look at what’s in my wonderful freebie book bin this month!

If you want a book, e-mail me at and I’ll write back to request the correct address to send it.  Just one small request, please ask for only one book every six months so that I can have enough to share with others.

Preschool teachers, I also have little book packs and am willing to send them along.

Enjoy the site.  I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to review a book or share your feedback! Until the Next Time… Peace, Love, Tolerance and Great Reading!

Daria has received five national awards for her culturally diverse music. She speaks and sings in 8 languages and shares a vision of peace and the dignity of all peoples through her music. To find out more about DARIA, check out her websites:

World Music With DARIA:
For the free books, visit Favorite Multicultural Books with DARIA.


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