TextExpander App Saves Keystrokes

by Paul Hamilton
It may not be quite accurate to describe this app as “nearly free” at $4.99, but for users who really need to reduce keystrokes when writing, the price probably will not seem excessive.
TextExpander is an iOS app that is based on a utility that has been available for Mac OS X, from SmileOnMyMac. This app works by offering customizable abbreviation expansion.  The user creates “snippets” of text for frequently used longer phrases, sentences, or such things as addresses and signatures.  For example, I could create the snippet pwbp for ‘Paul has written another brilliant blog post about a helpful learning resource.’  Then whenever I type ‘pwbp’ into any app that is enabled to work with TextExpander, the full sentence is automatically input.
Text can be typed directly into TextExpander’s text-editing utility and then copied and pasted or sent elsewhere.  Or, TextExpander will work inside an extensive and growing list of other apps that have been designed to work with it.

Click this link to learn more about TextExpander.


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