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New Year's History

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate the passing of one year and the beginning of the next? Or where and when it all started?

This website on the history of New Year's is really simple to navigate. You'll read a lot of the history right on the main page. Did you know that the celebration of New Year's started in 4000 BC?

The rest of the navigation will be found on the side menu. The sections are: New Year's Traditions, Luck in New Year's, New Year's Toasts, New Year's Poems, New Year's Kids Songs and New Year's Quotes.
New Year's Traditions: Here you can learn about all sorts of traditions that have been practiced over the years. From making a resolution to the Rose parade to the significance of the New Year's baby, you can find it all here.
Luck in New Year's: Have you ever wondered why we all gather together to celebrate New Year's? Well, it has a lot to do with garnering luck for the New Year. Find out more in this section.

My Driving Experience


Finding the Right Car

By Donna J. Jodhan

Now, here's a bit of humor for you.  How do I go about avoiding the wrong car?  When I had vision enough to see, I used to depend on color and size of the car but now that I have lost most of it and not enough to see the car, I have to use
other methods. 

First, I listen for the sound of either the approaching or idling engine.  In almost all cases, I ask those picking me up to blow the horn a certain number of times when they come to meet me and this works very well.  However, if for some reason the horn strategy does not work and there is more than one car waiting out there, I then have to deploy different tactics and it comes down to teamwork between me and the one picking me up.

When I was able to see, and if it was dark, I had a prearranged light signal but now the one picking me up has to come out of their car and call to me.  If I am unlucky enough to walk towards the wrong car then I have to use my sense of smell.  That is, upon opening the door, I hav…

Learning How to Use VoiceOver with VOStarter App

Traveling with Books: a Review of the Book Port Plus

Thoughts on the Accessibility of Online Shopping

By Donna J. Jodhan

Tactile Tangrams

Catalog number:  1-08439-00

Note: The kit contains a large print guidebook, the braille guidebook is available separately.
Optional ItemTactile Tangrams: Teacher's Guidebook, Braille (w/CD-ROM containing accessible files): 6-08439-00
Replacement ItemTactile Tangrams: Teacher's Guidebook, Large Print (w/CD-ROM containing accessible files): 8-08439-00

A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle consisting of seven pieces in three different shapes: triangle (2 large, 1 medium, 2 small), square, and parallelogram.

The materials and activities presented in APH's Tactile Tangrams make this timeless and popular puzzle accessible to students and adults with visual impairments and blindness.

The use of tangram puzzles encourages the development and reinforcement of many educational and recreational skills including spatial reasoning, shape recognition, size comparison, pattern replication, and independent problem solving. Many geometry concepts such as congruence, symmetry, sides and …