My Favorite Colors

by Donna J. Jodhan

For as long as I can remember, yellow has always been my favorite color; as a child when my vision was just a bit, as a teen when I received much more, and even now when I have precious little. Yellow has always reminded me of happy things and happy times.

When I was a kid, I had to have a yellow cup, a yellow plate, and a yellow saucer and a yellow bowl. I loved and cherished my yellow Sunday dress, the one that I wore to church. I adored my yellow jersey, and my yellow bathing suit. Mom and dad had to always buy me something yellow; the yellow beach ball, the yellow water wings, and everything else yellow. I even loved the yellow balloon which was something special for me as I had a fear of balloons and when we got our dog and named her Yella, that was the best thing for me since sliced bread.

Yellow continued to dominate my life as I blew past my teen years into adulthood and I continued to buy yellow sweaters and jackets, yellow coats, yellow pants, and yellow dishes and even cutlery with yellow handles. Part of my living room is even dominated by yellow.

Now that I am left with precious little sight and no longer able to see color, I think of yellow whenever I need a boost or whenever I need to drive away unhappy thoughts or moments. I have grown to love purple, red, and blue; all distant seconds to my precious yellow. Yellow! The color of my life! The sunshine of my soul! The light of my darkness!

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