My Dogs and I

by Donna J. Jodhan

First there was Yella; a fat and happy Lab. Then came Lion and Tiger, her huge and handsome sons. Then finally there was Boyo and Brownie, the grand children of Yella. My treasured ones, my best companions. These are the ones that gave me so much comfort during my formative years.

Yella's happy and go lucky spirit enabled me to create and imagine all kinds of kid-like things; writing poetry and essays about her. Gosh, I even won first prize in an essay competition for my composition about Yella. By the time Lion and Tiger came along I was approaching the difficult adolescent years and these were the two that helped me the most. I would often lie on my stomach and bury my face in their thick coats of fur. There I would tell them all of my fears and fantasies and you know what? They never turned a deaf ear on me. They would always listen attentively and would often reward me with either a kiss on the nose or a paw on my shoulder.

By the time that Boyo and Brownie arrived, I was well into my teens and these two were a constant source of comfort to me. I played robustly with them. Loved them to bits, and in turn they helped me to cope with my adolescent years. Each dog was special in his/her own way. Each brought me special moments of glee and happiness. Each broke my heart when they departed this world.

My heart broke with grief when I left home and left them behind but I still carry them in my mind. When I was able to see enough, I captured their faces in my mind and now they are tucked away forever. Their personalities will always remain a constant source of consolation for me. Rest in peace wonderful furry friends!

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