The APH News Celebrates 10 Years!

In March, 2002, APH requested beta testers for the new low vision computer game, Termite Torpedo.
In 2003, Gary Mudd and Bob Brasher hobnobbed with Connie Stevens, noted entertainer and business woman, at a vision conference.
In 2004, The APH Callahan Museum unveiled its newest traveling exhibit, BUILDING A FUTURE: U.S. Residential Schools for Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Editor Bob: "We're slightly late to the party but it's not too late to celebrate!"

It was way back in December of 2001 when the first APH News hit cyberspace and here’s the link to that fledgling effort:

How and why was the APH News created? By late 2001 email and website connections to the field were getting stronger and it seemed like the right time to try communicating using this new technology.

The root of the APH News can be traced to the quarterly letters written by APH President Tuck Tinsley to the Ex Officio Trustees beginning in 1989. By the mid 1990s, that effort morphed into the monthly Advisory Services Communication, the baby of then Advisory Services Director Mary Nelle McLennan, who passed the torch to Bob Brasher in 1999. Additionally, in the 1990s, APH published a magazine called The Slate at least a couple of times a year. At the tail-end of 2001, all of those efforts were combined into one communication for Ex Officio Trustees and the broader field, called the APH News.

Over the past decade, the APH News has primarily covered APH products and all things relating to them. Additionally it has attempted to keep you informed about activities in our field: research studies, surveys, the Hall of Fame, and much more. Many of you have shared "news from the field" with us and shared the APH News link with all who MIGHT be interested. By doing this you've helped us grow and reach a wider audience.

Editor Bob Brasher also acknowledges the extraordinary decade-long efforts of Malcolm Turner for the consistent yet creative formatting and design of the News. "Not only does Malcolm always deliver and post an attractive issue, but he often must spend days building the links to surveys and other web items that are connected to the News." Bob and Malcolm also acknowledge the many APH staff members who submit and edit the News items each month. Also, APH thanks you for your important continued support and hopes that you will join us for another ten years of fun!

To enjoy the APH "gems" from the past, visit the APH News Archive.


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