Choosing the Right Technology

by Donna J. Jodhan

In so many cases, employers need some guidance when it comes to ensuring that they choose the right technology to suit the needs of their blind and partially sighted employees. The one major factor to keep in mind is this: Each blind and/or partially sighted person is different and as a result, their needs are also different. No two blind and/or partially sighted people are exactly the same.

There is a false perception that blind and partially sighted people may probably have the same needs. This is false and should be addressed.

There are varying degrees of blindness. That is, one person may have a different level of vision to someone else. Being described as blind may vary from someone with absolutely no vision to someone with enough vision to read large print texts and of course there is a wide range of levels in between.

Some blind people use Braille while others do not. Some blind people are able to use screen magnifiers while others are unable to do so. Some people work faster with screen enlargers while others work faster with screen readers.

This is a lot for employers to digest, but in the final analysis, blind and partially sighted employees are the experts when it comes to choosing the right technology for themselves.

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