Difference Between APH's Color Test 2 and Colorino

ColorTest II
by Monica Turner

The ColorTest II: Talking Color Analyzer is a hand-held device that can help users who are blind or colorblind distinguish colors independently. It has hundreds of potential uses at home, work, or school. This device can be used by both adults and children and can provide increased self-confidence as they obtain the ability to independently do things, such as organize their own wardrobes, sort colored office or school supplies, etc.

The ColorTest II senses over 1,000 nuances of color, is able to detect patterns, and is able to provide color analysis with specific values for brightness, hue, and saturation. It uses a clear human voice to announce information through either its built-in speaker or through earphones that can be plugged into the earphone jack. Additional features include a talking clock, timer, calendar, and thermometer. The ColorTest II has a rechargeable battery and comes with a battery charger, as well as a carrying case.

The ColorTest II is available in Spanish and English and can be purchased using Federal Quota funds.

The Colorino is a similar, but less complex device. Although it has fewer features than the ColorTest II, it is a very useful tool and it has the advantage of being somewhat simpler to operate, given that it uses only two buttons. The Colorino can detect more than 100 nuances of color and can also be used as a light detector. The Colorino is not available with Federal Quota funds, but is the lower-priced option. It also has both a built-in speaker and an earphone jack for privacy.

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