Hadley Course Gives a Voice to Braille Music

The Hadley School for the Blind's course "Braille Music Basics" offers an introduction to the fundamentals of braille music for sighted users who want to learn about transcribing print music into braille, teach braille music, or simply support someone who is interested in learning the braille music code.

The information in this introductory course does not enable students to professionally transcribe print music, teach music, or teach braille. However, after completing the course, students can enthusiastically support and encourage a music student who is blind and learning to read music independently.

"Learning the basics of braille music is a great opportunity for music teachers working with students who are blind. Reading braille music can open many doors toward self-confidence and further independence," says instructor Linn Sorge.

APH is proud to have provided part of the funding to help Hadley develop this valuable course.

For more information or to enroll, please visit www.hadley.edu or contact Student Services at 800-526-9909 or student_services@hadley.edu.


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