My Memory Bank

by Donna J. Jodhan

Whenever I feel a bit down and am missing the vision that I lost over five years ago, and whenever I am in a mood to wish upon a star, I go to my cherished memory bank and pull out some of my most precious memories. True to form, the colors are still o so vivid in my mind. The shapes so real and I can practically reach out and touch them.

Photos of my parents, brothers, granny, and dogs are highest on my list. I can practically reach out and lightly touch their faces. I can place my hands on their heads and look into their eyes. Ah! My stack of precious photos forever preserved in my memory bank. Next comes those keep sake photos of some of my heroes; Pope John Paul II, Pierre Trudeau, The Kennedy brothers, Bill Clinton, Wayne Gretzky, and others. I still find it easy to bring their faces into my unfocused eyes and remind myself as to why they are my heroes.

I sit there for some time playing with all of these photos and I amaze myself at how I am still able to keep them so well preserved in my memory bank. Then I move on to other things; images of my Montreal Canadiens hockey team skating swiftly up the ice. Ice skating competitions. The large graceful Air Canada jet bird gliding noiselessly over a deep blue Caribbean ocean with the golden sun streaming down over its silver body. Next comes my nature memories; a rich blue sky with fluffy white clouds racing each other. The golden sunrise and the pink sunset. A purple dawn and green grass sprinkled with dew. Rows upon rows of bright flowers, my beloved Yellow and orange canaries of so long ago, and a beach filled with yellow sand with lacy white capped waves rolling gently towards the shore. Huge fat snow flakes clumsily chasing each other around, and silver raindrops falling helplessly downwards.

I linger over all of these for some time and then I finally pull out my very special memories. Ah! They too are still in tact. Candles flickering in a church on Christmas Eve, Christmas lights twinkling in the night, and stores filled with shelves upon shelves of Christmas toys. The dolls come into plain view followed by the doll houses and the electronic game sets. Then the huge and handsome Christmas tree all decked off with hundreds of colorful Christmas lights and finally the manger with Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the wise men, the angels, and animals.

I can play with all of these memories for as long as I want and when I am tired I place them all carefully back into each of their little compartments and return them to my memory bank. Then the fat tears of joy come pouring down my cheeks followed by the round ones of sadness. Ah! My precious memory bank filled with memories preserved forever and no one can ever take them away from me.

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